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Further agreements for European and Asian territories ‘in negotiation’ following the show.

L-R Dir Mktg & Bus Ops James Godbehear, Head of R&D Emily Watson, Tech Dir

Peter Hearl with the new CM-J50 console

Cadac Console’s return to ISE and the unveiling of an entire new product portfolio, in the form of its flagship CM-Series integrated audio mix and network system, was marked by strong positive industry reaction. The widespread admiration on the booth for the CM-J50 mixer’s premium design and advanced performance capabilities served as a catalyst for the foundation of a dedicated CM-Series distributor network.


An initial milestone on day one was the signing, at the show, of a US distribution agreement with Italian Speakers Imports Inc (ISI). By the end of day three the UK console designer had had ‘conversations’ with over 26 distributor organisations from around the world. Coming out of the show, advanced negotiations were underway with four highly prospective partners for territories in Europe and Asia, with preliminary discussions to be followed up with several others. 


“Securing serious interest in distribution for our new product offering was the primary objective of launching at ISE, as the show provided a unique opportunity to reach a wide breadth of potential partners,” says James Godbehear, Director of Marketing and Business Operations. “Obviously there was some degree of apprehension in turning up at ISE with an entirely new product portfolio, after an extended period of absence from the market. But the immediate and sustained positive reaction the CM-J50 console inspired was beyond our most optimistic expectations.


“We are extremely pleased to have signed an agreement with ISI for distribution in the United States. For CM-Series distribution we are seeking distributors with a deep commitment to promoting the product and supporting it in the field, and that have a close alignment with our core values. After engaging in ongoing discussions and sharing design information and development plans for the brand, it is immensely gratifying to see ISI’s evident enthusiasm. This serves as validation for the extensive efforts we have invested over the last three years, in bringing to market a mixing system that really pushes the envelope in terms of both the user interface and audio performance. It underscores Cadac’s capabilities in delivering a truly exceptional mix experience.”


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