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The Cadac range of software Apps provide the freedom to prepare the show away from the stress of the venue with the PC CM-Editor, while the CM-Remote iPad App ensures you achieve that perfect mix for every member of the audience.

Freedom Online with the Cadac CM-Remote iPad App

The freedom to fine tune the mix to the venue comes via Cadac’s iPad App, the CM-Remote. The all-new CM-Remote provides the perfect solution for wirelessly controlling the key functions of the CM-J50 via an iPad, or iPads, ensuring that venue perfect mix or as an alternative control interface for monitor applications. 

Cadac CM-Remote iPad App Input Channels

CM-Remote iPad: Input Faders

Cadac Consoles CM-Remote iPad GEQ

CM-Remote iPad: GEQ

Cadac Consoles CM-Remote iPad App EQ

CM-Remote iPad: EQ

The App supports iOS 13, or later, and can be found, as free download, on the Apple App Store by searching for "Cadac CM-Remote".

Freedom Offline with the Cadac CM-Editor PC App

The freedom to create and edit show files away from the console, and the stress of the venue, is provided by Cadac’s CM-Editor. The CM-Editor is the console's GUI on a Windows PC. Create or edit show files, save to a USB stick, all in preparation for sound check.

Cadac Consoles CM-Editor user graphical user interface GUI

CM-Editor: The PC displays the same GUI as the console, but with virtual encoders. Quick access buttons to the Go To, VCA, Fader Follow, Selects, Copy functions plus virtual Faders are available at the bottom of the screen.

Cadac Consoles CM-Editor with Virtual Faders

CM-Editor: When required a set of virtual faders can be called up.

Cadac Consoles CM-Editor control screen pop-up menu

CM-Editor: The Control Screen window is accessed by selecting the Menu button at the top left of the displayed. This gives access to the menu structure that is found on the console’s 6.5” physical displayed, along with the Back and Cue buttons.

Download the Cadac's PC based Offline Editor:

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